Digital Automation is the transition from manual/human based tasks or processes, to automatic, digital tasks.

We normally think of automation on an industrial scale, with robots working on a production line or machines mass producing food and other items.

Now, imagine Digital (Software) Robots working for YOUR business, processing transactions, documents, appointments, bookings, tasks, jobs, quotes and emails etc WITHOUT human intervention. Our Robots can click on buttons, copy data, move a mouse, detect objects, read text, speak other languages, talk to your customers, answer phones, connect with other systems and much much more! Basically anything a human can do on a computer screen, we can build software Robots that do it faster, with ZERO errors, working day and night!

Until now, Digital Automation has traditionally been only available to large companies with huge budgets and technical departments.

Our mission is to deliver these powerful tools to your business, with simple, elegant and hand crafted solutions. All the power from the big end of town, without the large budgets or headaches.

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