03 Feb 2021

Stop Copying & Pasting between apps

We recently worked on a solution for a Animal Welfare provider


A time consuming series of manual steps were required to create and upload the pages for each animal. These were:

  1. A team member interacted with owners over email until all the text for the page was gathered
  2. All the information was then copy pasted into a Google Doc containing the data for every animal
  3. The information was then copied from the Google Doc to the Website
  4. The profile page of the animal was published

Solution: After automating the entire process, the business is reaping the benefits.  They were able to handle MORE customer leads with less resources.  The business managed to shave around 2 hours off their workload each day!

Result: The time saved is invested back into contacting more local councils and saving more animals.

Increased Sales per year: Less Doggos on our streets!

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