01 Mar 2021

Shopify on Steroids

We recently worked on a solution for an online Clothing retailer.

Problem: They spent time manually copying data from Shopify into emails when dealing with customer product returns. Bookwork was a headache, as they did not have Xero connected to Shopify. Credit notes from returned stock and refunding cards were all manually processed. It was a painful task, copying and pasting data between the apps and numerous phone calls from their accountant/customers due to errors.

Solution: We automated the customer product return journey by integrating a return form with Shopify, Xero and Sendly. We also added customer SMS reminders to ensure they return stock before the 14 day return window expired. The entire process was automated saving Kate’s sanity!

Result: Customer satisfaction increased, the accountant is happy and Kate save around 10 hours per week dealing with these headaches. She now spends that time building new campaigns for Instagram and driving more sales.

Increased Profit per year: $31,000+ based on Sales Projections

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