10 Apr 2021

How to Save 10 Hours a Day

We recently worked on a solution for an Allied Health Provider

Problem: Each time a lead contacted the client via the contact form, an email was sent to an Outlook mailbox. Then, the employee added this contact as a new lead in a CRM, and replied to the email accordingly and requested health documents.  After waiting days and finally receiving the documents via email, the employee would upload the documents into the CRM. The entire process was manual and would take approximately 1 hour per client.

Solution: After automating the entire process, the business is reaping the benefits.  They were able to handle MORE customer leads with less resources.  The business managed to shave around 10 hours off their workload each day!

Result: The time saved is invested back into more customer consultations and also in testing new customer outreach methods. Both of these are increasing company growth.

Increased Sales per year: $60,000+ based on $27 per hour

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