We recently worked on a solution for a small local Real Estate agent.

Problem: Too many mobile calls missed when the Agent was busy or in an appointment. Then enquiry ending up in Voicemails or SMS. Agent was taking way too long to get back in contact with clients and leads, due to phone tag. The Agent wanted a better way and contacted us to solve the problem.

Solution: Answer inbound calls with automation. Enable self service options for callers. No change to phone numbers. Enable an option for clients to “knock” and retry speaking to the Agent.

Result: 81% reduction in missed calls. 55% of inbound calls used self service option WITHOUT needing to speak to Estate Agent. Anecdotal evidence of improved Sales conversions based on not missing leads/calls/enquiry.
Saved at least 3 hours per day listening to voicemails and playing phone tag returning calls.

Savings per year: $78,000 based on $100 per hour Agent Hourly Rate.

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