17 Jul 2021

How we use QR Codes on Job Sites

We recently worked on a solution for a Property Developer and Site Manager.

Problem: Each contractor working on the site was required to perform Site Induction which required paperwork and follow up. The process was manual, paper based and most of the time, was not completed. They were concerned about site safety and quality. They needed a better solution.

Solution: We built a QR based system. Contractors would receive QR-Code sent via SMS. The Project Manager or Site Manager would scan the contractors QR code as they arrived onsite. This would record the date/time/details of the Contractor and also send the contractor a link to a website based induction program. The Site Manager would also receive a report every day.

Result: Saved 3 hours per day. Project Manager is impressed due to the reduction in paperwork and improved compliance.

Increased Profit per year: Not available.

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