21 Jul 2021

How to make Phones work for you

We recently worked on a solution for an online Pet Food retailer.

Problem: Although their business is online, they still advertised a 1300 number for customer service and enquiries. During COVID-19, shipments and deliveries were delayed, which created a huge increase in phone call volumes. They were understaffed and calls we being missed. The knock-on effect was emails then exploded as no-one was answering the phone. Situation was quickly spiralling.

Solution: We reviewed the clients email conversations and courier delay data to establish some ground rules. We then connected their 1300 number and Website to our software robot. The robots would answer the call and based on the caller ID, automatically advise the customer of the order status. It would also ask the customer if they were in lockdown. If YES, the system would NOT ship (hold) the order based on the number of weeks. This saved massive amounts of calling cards and re-delivery costs.

Result: Email volumes are down significantly and the client is looking at automating other functions with us!

Increased Profit per year: Saved at least 6 Work Hours per day = $46,000+ per year

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