13 May 2021

How to get more Customers

We recently worked on a solution for a local Property Maintenance business (Family owned)

Problem: They advertised their mobile number on website and local directories. This was fine for a number of years, however recently whilst at a BBQ, a friend approached the owner and said “..Mate, we’ve been trying to get a hold of you for weeks now, we need a quote for a deck…”. Basically the owner would end up with about 50 voicemails per day from suppliers, customers, leads etc. Most of them never got a reply.

Solution: We built an Automated phone system. They kept the same number. Instead of going to Voicemail a Robot with AI (similar to Siri) would answer the phone and handle the enquiry. It would also take payments for outstanding invoices and produce quotes for callers.

Result: Saved 5 hours per day. Owner and his wife are over the moon!

Increased Profit per year: New quotes have increased by 70% and chasing debts is reducing.

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