What costs are involved?

We provide a customised quotation based on the problem and solution complexity. Our core approach is to keep things simple, which also extends to our payment process. ONE simple price to build the system and ONE ongoing monthly Platform Fee.

The Platform Fee includes your own dedicated Automation Hosting, 24/7 Monitoring and Emergency Maintenance.

Basic Automation systems start from just $990.

How long does it take?

Depends on the complexity of the problem. Our solutions could take 1 week or up to 12 weeks to design, build, test and deliver. We recommend starting small and automating one business function at time. Starting with high volume or high repetition or high pain point transactions. Then as you gain confidence, we can automate your other business functions!

Do I need to install any additional hardware or systems?

No, there is no need to install new servers, computers or any other hardware. We work with the systems you have, to replicate human interactions or connect systems using our own platform.

Do you work with the systems or apps I currently have?

Yes, if you have a system or app that is currently working for you, that’s great, we will try and work with what you have. If not, we can make recommendations. We typically prefer working with Cloud based or In-Browser apps.

Do I need to change the way I do business?

Only if you want to! Generally we will discuss a solution together and avoid changes to how you do business. Simply think of a manual process that you currently have in your business and now think of a Robot or Automation System doing the work for you!

Do you include maintenance and monitoring?

Yes, absolutely. All of our Automation Systems are monitored 24/7 and include Emergency Support for any outages. So if your Payment Automation fails at 3PM on a Sunday, we are alerted to the situation and react accordingly, to keep your systems running!

What if I want to change how my Automation System works?

You can make changes to your Automation System during the design stage at anytime. For example, you may choose to email a quote at 6PM instead of 7PM or route phone calls to your sales staff when you’re in meetings. Regardless of the changes, during the design phase, anything is possible.

However, once the Automation System is built and active, small changes can be made for an additional fee.

Can I rely on my Automation systems?

Absolutely! We design, build and test EVERY system that we deliver, ensuring you are satisfied BEFORE we press the button to go live. All of our Automation Systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum reliability. With over 30 years of experience and the credentials to match, rest assured we have got you covered!

What about security and my customer data?

Our Engineers comply with our strict “No Storage” policy, which means we design Automation Systems which require NO local storage of Customer Data. This eliminates any potential issues relating to the security or privacy of your Customer Data.

Furthermore, all transactions are transmitted over secure and encrypted connections.

How do I get started?

Simply click on the Free Quote or Quick Quote buttons. Complete the form and we’ll be in contact to get the ball rolling!

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