21 Jul 2021

COVID Border Pass Solution

We recently worked on a solution for a national Transport company (Family owned).

Problem: COVID-19 created a massive headache for logistics firms. The additional paperwork caused significant changes at the State borders virtually overnight, which could’ve been crippling for businesses trading across the East Coast of Australia. A single truck would need 4-5 different forms as they continually cross borders. If a single piece of paperwork is incorrect, it’s expensive. When you have hundreds of trucks with different places of origin, that adds up to an incredible amount of processing and a high chance of error.

Until this point, they relied on five different systems to manage manifests and COVID-19 forms. Paper forms were an option, but for a national shipping company, it wasn’t a viable alternative.

Solution: We setup a video call and reviewed their current process. We then built an automation with digital forms that linked directly into their freight management system. Each truck driver would receive the correct border pass based on the route for the day via SMS. Fully automated with no errors and no expensive fines!

Result: Saved 10 hours per day. The equivalent of ONE staff member per year! The Operations Manager was highly impressed with the outcome. They are now looking at Automating other business functions.

Increased Profit per year: Unavailable at the time.

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