25 Jan 2021

How to make $100k per year

We recently worked on a solution for a family run Finance Broker.

Problem: Customers expected to receive personalised replies almost immediately after interacting with the website or phone, but this is something they couldn’t do without adding staff . The average response time was around the 22-hour mark, with 32% of enquiries never being actioned at all. Another major problem was the repetitive conversations and manual data entry tasks.  This represented an opportunity for us to relieve the company from the repetitive appointment setting tasks, and also from the need to manually move data between the involved systems.

Solution: We built their first chatbot to work with multiple platforms, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and other texting apps.

We connected several apps together to create conversational flows, but also to move data into relevant systems (CRMs), to create appointments (Google Calendar) and to send reminders and notifications to the customer when the appointment is near.

Result: The business was able to onboard clients faster and deliver a sophisticated solution for appointments, scheduling, and support.  Customer’s received information and responses instantly and heavily reduced the need for additional staff.  The business was able to handle 44% extra enquiry without additional resources.

Increased Profit per year: $100,000+ based on $5500 commision per contract

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